About Mellon

The Mellon Consults (T) Ltd is a full-service Tanzanian private consulting firm established  in  2014 with the registration number 107433 and it is incorporated under the Companies Act of 2002 and that the firm is Limited.  The firm is committed to solving complex local and global challenges through innovative solutions. We are determined to provide all our clients with best-value services so they increase their efficiency, learning capacity, and accountability to the public in an ever more complex and interconnected world.

The headquarters of the firm are in Dodoma Municipality, Dodoma Region. It is a firm which envisages providing distinct, standard, affordable and timed consultancy services in the spectrum of social, political and economic development. The specific themes of the firm include health, education, environment, finance and economic development, water, trade, agriculture, livestock, forest, tourism, social protection and vulnerability.

Our Vision
Mellon’s vision is to be the leader of affordable, distinct and high quality training, research and consultancy services in the areas of social, political and economic development.

Our Mission
Mellon’s mission is to ensure that local and global client’s needs and interests are achieved in speedy, standard and affordable cost  through applying a mix of approaches to provide demand driven consultancy services such as capacity building, research, baseline survey,  evaluation, policy and strategic plan review and making, to our local and global clients  who deal with provision of  social and economic services in the areas of  health, innovations management, education, environment, land, microfinance and economic development, social protection, vulnerability, water, trade, agriculture and   livestock, forest and tourism.

Our Philosophy
Mellon’s philosophy is focusing on delivering distinct solutions to clients.

Our Objectives

  1. To be a centre for quality consultancy services in the areas of agriculture and livestock development; water resource management; health planning and sanitation; environment, tourism and natural resource management; political planning, democracy, anti-corruption and good governance; education planning and management; economic and microfinance development; social protection, vulnerability, community development and livelihood enhancement in Tanzania and globally at large;
  2. To provide technical  advice on capacity building needs assessment and ultimately build capacity of clients in both private and public sectors in the areas related to service delivery of the above sectors;
  3. To provide technical advice on how to carry out baseline surveys, monitoring and evaluation of development interventions tied up in welfare sectors;
  4. To design projects, programmes, plans and policies  aiming at addressing socio-economic and livelihood issues in both developed and developing countries like Tanzania;
  5. To  provide technical service to facilitate designs or review of projects, systems, programs,  monitoring and evaluation systems, policies, lobbying and advocacy plans, strategic plans for the individuals, private and public organizations;
  6. To provide technical advice on research areas or conduct research on welfare sectors that is useful for poverty reduction and livelihood enhancement;
  7. Generally to do all such other things as may appear to the Directors to be incidental or conclusive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.