Our Core values

Our firm works under the following core values:

  • Innovation: Mellon shall ensure that staff and other partners use innovative measures to address the community challenges and capitalize on the available opportunities. Through these, the Mellon will take measured risks to enterprise solutions, accept changes, and solve problems creatively;
  • Partnerships: The Mellon will encourage and work in partnership with different players of development to efficiently and effectively meet the community socio-economic needs;
  • Continuous Learning: The Mellon will strive to be a learning organization by continuously adapting to changes and review its systems, structures, strategies, policies, culture and process as well as skills;
  • Customer Focus: The Mellon is committed to meeting needs/demands of community. This would be done by providing services at standard and optimal speed while efficiently utilizing available resources;
  • Equity and Equality: The Mellon believes that provision of services to the community should be equity and equality focused. Such that individuals, groups and communities that are marginalized will be given first priority;
  • Outcomes-Focused: The Mellon strives to produce acceptable outcomes of which the community could prove as significant positive changes;
  • Transparency: The Mellon works to ensure that service delivery is transparent and hence adhere to the principles of good governance;
  • Accountability: The Mellon is accountable to the community by providing demand driven services at standard and optimal speed;
  • Team Work: The Mellon believes that optimal outcome can be realized if team work spirit becomes as an engine of service delivery;
  • Efficiency: The Mellon believes that there is a need to prudently use the available resources to ensure that achieve cost effective impacts;
  • Integrity: The Mellon will cultivate a high level of honest, passion and commitment in the process of service delivery.
  • Demand-Driven: Our work is driven by the increased demand for rapid, state-of-the-art, flexible, and cost-efficient services.