Agribusiness Services

Our specialist Farm Management and Agribusiness Consultancy Team has wide ranging experience, which covers all aspects of farming, food, energy and agri-investment. Our consultants have hands-on farming expertise, or are from farming and food chain management backgrounds. They understand the reality of day to day farm management and their advice addresses the real issues and challenges faced by our clients. Working closely with farmers, landowners and business managers, our consultants provide an integrated approach to every link in the food supply chain – from life sciences and farming, to food processors and retailers. We develop strategic and innovative solutions, to achieve tangible commercial results. Our specialist agribusiness consultancy and farm management services include:

  • Agronomy and technical improvement
  • Business restructuring
  • Farm business strategy
  • Farm management
  • Food marketing
  • Client Accounting Services, bookkeeping and tax advice
  • Renewable energy and sustainability
  • Supply chain consultancy
  • Contract farming and other agreements
  • Fresh produce consultancy
  • Grain markets and crop marketing
  • International agricultural investment
  • Livestock systems consultancy
  • Practical farming advice
Designing, Monitoring and Evaluation Services

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and procedures have been a key feature of development projects for several decades. More recently, there has been a growing demand from development partner governments (mindful of their own accountability to tax payers) to demonstrate the development impact and value for money of such interventions.

Programme managers must now ensure that data is collected, analysed and disseminated to demonstrate results, inform future assistance and improve the global evidence base.

Intergrating M&E
IMC has a history of practising M&E across all of the technical areas in which we operate: from social development, climate change and environment and livelihoods to transport infrastructure engineering and management. When designing projects, we ensure that our programmes are structured in a way that allows them to be measured objectvely; and our staff are familiar with the International Principles for Evaluation of Development Assistance Our Services includes

  • Short and long - term technical assistance consultancies, which assess, develop or strengthen results frameworks: including the development of logical frameworks, theory of change, indicators and M&E plans
  • Robust baseline studies over a range of technical areas
  • Building the M&E and results capacities of national governments, agencies and institutions
  • Qualitative and quantintave longitudinal and cross-sectional impact surveys
  • Cost beneĮt analysis and social returns on investment analysis for project prioritisation and assessment
  • Partcipatory M&E design and implementation
  • Project and programme impact assessments
  • Social, environmental and climate impact assessment
  • M&E and results knowledge management and dissemination
Education Consultancy Services

Mellon education team works with educators at all levels. We can produce educational resources for you, or in collaboration with you. Our educators also deliver talks and run workshops on a wide range of topics, such as teaching sustainability, sustainable careers or embedding sustainability in specific areas of the curriculum Our experience includes:

Production of teaching resources.

This has included:

  • taking total responsibility for writing
  • collaborating with other organisations or authors
  • editing and contributing

Lectures and workshops

We are available to deliver lectures and run workshops at conferences on a wide range of issues relating to sustainability. An effective way of using our expertise is to involve us in advising on the sustainability content of a project or resource from the early stages and then using our expertise to edit and advise during the course of the work.

Business Strategy Consultancy Services

The decisions you take today about which path your business will follow in pursuit of growth and profit will set in train a process that will fully unfold only in some years’ time. How can you be confident of getting those decisions right and implementing them successfully

Bringing together a team of experts, we ensure the strategic response you choose has a clear and rigorously validated economic rationale. We engage deeply and widely with your team to build the management commitment needed for a strategy to deliver exceptional results. And the experience of our staff in delivering world-class implementation means we are well positioned to assess strategic proposals for feasibility.

Out staff have helped CEOs and other business leaders across many sectors to grow their organizations and create lasting impact. We support them in managing the major uncertainties they face, in rationalizing their portfolios and in rejuvenating their businesses in the face of adverse competitive and market pressures – adding value in the process.

Finance and Microfinance Consulting Services

Today’s volatile business climate presents an unprecedented challenge – and opportunity – for finance functions to shape the direction of the organization.

Finance needs to position itself as the strategic partner of the business – unlocking the value from the vast amounts of data now available and using advanced analysis to extract insights that support executive decision-making.

Bringing deep and extensive industry experience, our experts work directly with the office of the Chief Financial Officer to transform your finance organization: identifying improvements, deriving value from data, and recruiting and developing the outstanding finance talent you need to optimize business performance.

Mellon staff is also extensively experienced in linking groups of individual at a community level in microfinance facilities which marks important steps toward efforts to alleviate household poverty in the society.

Health and Safety Advice

Mellon provides Health and Safety services to assist your company in complying with all the Current Health and Safety Laws and Regulations, providing a safe working environment for your employees. We aim to reduce risk for your company, leaving you free to concentrate on your business goals.

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Marshal training
  • General risk assessments of buildings and offices
  • Manual handling risk assessment
  • Health and Safety training and guidance for new employees
  • Health and Safety training and guidance for event organizers and charity activities
  • Health and safety policy writing
  • Advice on stress management
Energy and Power Consulting Services

Advising companies, governments, financial institutions and technology providers on operations on any point along the value chain for all key forms of energy.

Mellon crafts pragmatic solutions for corporate and government clients around the globe to help them excel in the current energy market and anticipate its rapidly changing future. Drawing upon the broad Mellon expertise in energy strategy, shipping, macroeconomics, energy company valuations and transactions and security, our consultants deliver an integrated service that is truly unparalleled in its depth and breadth. Our clients receive strategic support to:

Discover growth opportunities
Reduce exploration risk
Cut production costs
Ensure regulatory compliance
Optimize investment in IT systems
Assess and maximize asset values
Prioritize investments
Understand market trends and drivers
Make big bet decisions
Evaluate the value of energy transactions
Manage projects

Trade Consulting Service

In today's marketplace, companies considering sourcing or selling their products overseas must evaluate many more options than in the past and process greater amounts of information in order to make decisions. And cultural barriers and complex compliance initiatives make global trade even more of a challenge.

Our international trade consulting services extend beyond mitigating risk to develop a comprehensive understanding of the compliance initiatives impacting your business. Mellon provides clients with customized assessments regarding complex compliance and administrative issues facing global companies in Tanzania and elsewhere. The result is often a competitive trade advantage for our customers due to the ability to quickly adapt to new requirements imposed by governmental authorities.

Our staff experience and customs-specific knowledge can help you mitigate risk by developing a solid understanding of the international trade issues that may impact your business. Well analyze your companys current trade practices and identify opportunities and risks in three primary areas:

Compliance Consulting

We work closely with government agencies to keep up-to-date on any changes or amendments to trade regulations, so we can keep our clients in the know.

Tariff Consulting

We help you design your business processes so that your company can adapt to changing regulations and tariffs with ease. In a rapidly evolving international trade landscape, we can position your business for success.

Trade Consulting

Whether you're trading across borders in North America, Europe, or the Asia-Pacific or even within African countries, we can help you understand bilateral and multilateral trade agreements and the processes involved so you can plan your operations accordingly.

In addition, you can select a variety of seminars that can help provide the foundation from which to build a successful trade program.

Social Protection Services

Mellon staff have a vast experience in formulation and reform of national social protection policies in the context of national social protection systems and social and economic development strategies. They are experienced in regorous analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to establish effectiveness and efficiency of national social protection systems .

Advisory service on the Designing and implementation of specific social protection schemes and programmes responding to the identified needs and policy priorities has also been some of the important duties in their working environment. They have also been good facilitators of policy development through national social dialogue, e.g. through socio-economic councils.

Water Consulting Services

Water division provides professional services across the full life cycle of water and wastewater treatment projects as a vehicle for sustainable development. Our services include conceptual planning of projects, institutional planning and development, water resource studies, water conservation and water demand management. Mellon has established a team of highly qualified and experienced staff members who provide solutions in the following field:

  • Water Resource Planning
  • Mine Water Management
  • Floodlines and Surface Water Management Plan
  • Water Conservation and Demand Management

Mellon covers all aspects of water resource studies, water analysis and water conservation and demand management.

Environmental Consultancy Services

Government regulations impose environmental liability on past, current and future land users. Before inception of any project, an environmental impact assessment study has to be conducted to determine potential effects on the environment and possible mitigation. Mellon has expertise in:

  • Modelling of contaminants (including hydrocarbon and chlorinated hydrocarbon) transport and degradation;
  • Writing of Environmental Management Program Reports (EMPRs) and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs);
  • Environmental awareness training
  • Review of EIA’s and EMPR’s.
  • Compliance advice / Auditing in terms of environmental best practices
  • Strategic environmental management advice for all stages of Project cycle
  • Advice on Climate Change and cleaner development mechanism (CDM) projects

In pursuit of excellence we take a holistic approach to our management practices hence we focus on the environment in entirety. Our approach is based on the need to harmonize the social, ecological and economic dimensions of human activity

Baseline surveys and Needs assessment

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Capacity building and knowledge management

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Designing systems, lobbying and advocacy plans

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Preparation and review of strategic plans

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Business plans and profiles

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Conducting action oriented and participatory researches

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